Born and raised in Houston, Joe is a 5th generation Texan and has always had a passion for creating art and music. From the age of 5, he was sketching commercial developments, drawing maps of self imagined cities and subdivisions and creating house plans for future use. He found himself drawn to the field of Engineering at the same time and realized that an Engineer is indeed an Artist. His focus as he grew older was more toward the Science and Mathematics field and he soon realized how the two entwined with the creation and recognition of energy communicated through music and artwork.

He chose to pursue and received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering from Texas A&M University and attended the University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles where he received professional certifications in Occupational and Safety, Health Management and Environmental Engineering. After many years of working within the Oil and Gas industry, Aerospace, Waste Management and Sustainability fields as well as traveling all over the world, he decided that he would start painting and drawing again to express places he had been, emotions he had felt and explore the talents that had led him into Engineering. He found himself inevitably drawn to local and nationwide art shows as well as museums worldwide where he felt a deep connection to Abstract, Impressionism, Pointillism and Surrealistic art works. Deciding that he would challenge himself by exploring his painting and music skills he set out on a journey by taking several different art classes with instructors in the Houston area. Through a combination of pencils, watercolors, acrylics and oils in addition to photography, he communicates his artistic style based upon the expression of energy, leadership, passion and chaos experienced in his personal life and Corporate career. Joe has always been an influencer and the messages communicated through his art work are intense with texture, yet subtle. His vibrant use of colors resonate happiness but reflect deeper meanings.

After 10 years of painting, in his own unique and expressive style, he has been influenced and encouraged by his family and peers to share his art work with others. He has developed a circle of supporters that find his art exciting and refreshing and is fortunate to have already commissioned or contributed several paintings that are exhibited in work spaces or other collector’s homes across the US. His motto at this point in life is to “always live in a manner that keeps your faith strong, believe and breathe and never forget that life is too short not to follow and dream big”. Join him as he continues this journey through life and feel the passion and energy that his art expresses.